How does heavy cargo is handled?

In case you've been wondering, when you need to ship a huge cargo, some specialized services can be used. For example we wanted to ship heavy Metal Parts of about 32 tons from India to México.  In this case, we used a Mafi which is a mobil loading platform for loading a large item, facilitating transport by Ro-Ro vessel. 

There are several kinds of MAFI, but it's functions is the same, load tons of items securely. MAFI tractors  are used worldwide to move containers and semi-trailers and to load and unload RoRo ships. Our portfolio also includes goosenecks, cargo and roll trailers, container chassis as well as industrial and heavy-duty trailers.

Roll on / Roll off also named Ro/Ro in its abbreviated version, is an English turn of phrase used in logistics. It names transport of trucks, trailers, civil works vehicles by sea on specific vessels called RORO vessels.
Specificity of those vessels in the handling technic: we load and unload the items by rolling them into vessel garage through vessel’s mobile ramp, this allows to drive all rolling items into and out of the vessel. Ro/Ro is particularly adapted to truck, semi trailer, tractors, civil work vehicles etc.. Ro/Ro vessel can also carry containers or statics boxes brought into vessel using forklift our MAFI trailer type.  
Every movement of this proccess must to be precisely executed by the team.