What is FCL?

A Full Container Load or FCL implies that consignors or the shipper uses the content uniquely, which can be: 20-foot FCL container, 40-foot FCL container or 40-foot high cube container. These 3 types of FCL container loads are the most popular, however, it could also be Open Top, Flat Rack, etc. This only means that when it is loaded, even if it is not completely, everything in it belongs to a single owner and does not share it with other importers or exporters.


Therefore, the merchandise is usually a homogeneous product from a single shipper. It is more profitable tu use an FCL cargo than LCL if the merchandise is more or less great than 15m3 and it is safer to use, since by being sealed it ensures that no one can manipulate the product from the interior until it reaches the destination, except for customs authorities for control issues.

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