What is FTL?

The Full Truck Load service, also known as FTL, means transport that requires only one truckload and is therefore fully occupied. The modality that is characterized by transporting a load that requires the use of the entire container in which it will be deposited for transportation, whether by truck, railcar or sea container. 

This type of loading is very simple for drivers, freight forwarders and buyers of services. Transport agencies do not have to spend additional resources on notifications, invoices or waiting at multiple loading and unloading points. It also means less effort for the driver when loading and unloading and securing the cargo. 

The main advantage of this service is greater efficiency, since it is not necessary to allocate additional resources for notifications, invoices, or stops at multiple loading and unloading points. In addition, it requires fewer resources to carry out loading and unloading operations making it the fastest option, since the merchandise is transported directly from its place of origin to its destination without additional stops.

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