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At Senter, we work as a Trading Company. Trading companies and distributors represent companies operate in the wholesale and distribution of a wide range of goods and services. Due to their diverse and complex business lines, these companies rely heavily on strong corporate governance and management structures to operate successfully. It is a knowledge-intensive industry, so fair labor practices, talent attraction and retention, and human capital development are key to productivity and business success.

Operating across a diverse range of business areas and geographies, companies in this industry can face considerable environmental and social risks, either directly through their own operations, through the products they sell, or in their supply chains. As a result, defining clear policies and risk management processes remains important for long-term value creation, and is essential in tackling systemic shocks to supply chains, such as the one experienced due to COVID-19. Environmental and social impact assessments and transparency with stakeholders are key to mitigate future operational and reputational risks.



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