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When time matters for your supply chain, our worldwide air freight services are your best option. No matter if you are shipping perishable goods, hazardous materials, livestock, project cargo or any commodities that require fast delivery, we have a spot-on solution for you.

Our global network spans the globe, making us the best choice for your time-critical cargoes. You will be assigned a single point of contact, who will assist you throughout the process of your shipment, from door to door.

No matter the origin, destination, size or type of your cargo, we have a full suite of air freight services that will always match your budget and requirements.


Air freight carriers

For your air freight cargo to arrive safely, on time and on budget, we use an array of reliable airlines and air freight carriers. They have the expertise and capacity to handle your shipments so you can enjoy complete flexibility to send your cargo wherever and whenever you need. 


On Board Courier

Sometimes a critically urgent or high value shipment requires the personal touch to ensure it is accompanied all the way to the final destination.  We have a team of trained, fully insured couriers on hand to reliably deliver those special shipments.



Cargo insurance provides cover against potential loss or damage to freight whilst in transit.


Air freight compliance and documentation support

Senter's air freight team is  always up to date with the latest requirements in air freight compliance. With first-hand knowledge of local conditions, rules and regulations, we can handle all administrative and documentation procedures and ensure the smooth handling of your air cargo – wherever in the world it may be. This includes customs clearance, security, license requirements and compliance with other local regulations. 

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