Hand Carry

We can say that it is the most urgent transport, within the urgent transport, the maximum speed. For example, the need to position part of a material that will later be shipped by truck or because the end customer may have a critical situation in its production chain due to the lack of such goods, which is often determined by an erroneous planning or an error in production. 

This service is specific for emergencies, supplies to production lines, defective goods, to solve specific problems and to achieve the necessary time to supply the good without affecting the customer's activity.

When we talk about urgent or express transport, we are talking about a service of maximum urgency where the customer demands the collection of goods at point A to be delivered directly to point B. The distance between the points can be kilometres or several thousands. 

The most sensitive sectors to this type of stress are mainly the automotive, wind power, petrochemical and machine tool sectors to a lesser extent.

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