Charter Air Freight

An air charter consists of hiring an exclusive air service to transport your merchandise. Renting an aeroplane to make your transport, in short.

If your priority is to reduce the transit time of your shipments, with our services, we will transport from your warehouse to the final destination as planned.

Senter offer special shipments to send large quantities of goods quickly and reliably, in case of space problems due to high season or space limitations. We take care of chartering a complete aircraft where the priority is your goods. We send a plane to any airport in the world to pick up your goods and place them at your facilities or at your customer's house.

The contract of a charter is linked to signing of a contract and usually to the previous payment of the service, once this procedure is done, the service is confirmed quickly and the aircraft can be available in a time of 2-3 days and sometimes, depending on availability, even before, being able to be obtained on the same day.

Apart from above, the rest of the process is the same as in a regular air boarding regarding the necessary documentation. 

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