How we enable our customer's business in various industry sectors

We offer you dedicated end-to-end supply chain expertise and understand the challenges and characteristics of your industry.


The aerospace manufacturing industry in Mexico consists of over 300 OEM, Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 aerospace component suppliers from all around the world.


We make shipping agricultural produce simple, with expert support at every step of your cargo's journey.


From temperature-sensitive materials to biotechnology products, we find the best solution for shipping your cargo.


When shipping perishables, freshness is key. Whether you're shipping cherries, berries, or other produce, Senter has the processes in place to ensure your cargo will arrive in perfect conditions.


Bulk liquid transportation requires dutiful care and consideration, such as the temperature that liquids are kept and stored at, how they are transported and what they can be stored with, and how they should be handled.


An important consideration we take when moving this cargo is the packaging process. It must be adequately packaged to prevent damage along the way during transport.


Ecommerce shipping encompasses receiving and processing orders, picking and packing the purchased product at a warehouse, printing shipping labels, and eve

General Cargo

General cargo vessels are made to be flexible and are most effective when downtime is minimal and the efficient use of the vessel's cargo carrying space is optimized.