Are you facing any of these key challenges for managing a complex, global supply chain to success?

At Senter, we make your supply chain run like clockwork. That's not an easy feat in the world of logistics. We go beyond offering the best logistics solutions for your business. GEODIS End-to-End Services is an integrated end-to-end solution for a successful supply chain. We combine our high-quality logistics services, a digital platform, and a team of experts at origin, destination and in our control tower. The result: a fully integrated and optimized supply chain that run efficiently, is reliable and resilient to change.


Having full visibility on each step of the supply chain.

Data integrity

Access to accurate, qualitative and real-time data


Proactively manage your supply chain based on data

Logistics cost

Being able to manage the budget proactively

Lead times

Reduce lead times and speed up the logistics process

Contingency planning

Having a plan A, B and sometimes even C in place


Being able to adapt to changes quickly